Me Myself
Through this website I will share with you the story of the three Vidhan Sabha elections that I contested from the Mazgaon constituency, the political storm raised at that time, how I was given the sobriquet " Giantkiller " ( with no intention of hurting anyone ), my deep endearment with the people of Mazgaon, my social work in Mazgaon, my closeness with political heavyweights, my internal unrest, the political change which re-established me on the political scene, the social service that earned me great respect and finally my new journey for REFORMATION.

I grew up in Taadwadi in Mazgaon. There I met loving people with whom shared deep bonds, similar to those of blood ties. I also commenced my social activities in the soil of Taadwadi. I was aware of the civic problems faced by the residents there since an early age. With an inherent desire for social service, I had inculcated the value of selfless social service from our doyen Rev. Balasaheb Thackarey. I first became Municipal Corporator with his blessings. Then, in recognition of my social work I was elevated to the position of MLA. The 1995 elections were an important stage in my life. Rev. Balasaheb made me enter the fray, pitched against the then Construction Minister Shri Chhagan Bhujbal Saheb, a politically established leader in Mazgaon. Thanks to the blessings of Mazgaon-ites and the tireless efforts of our humblest party-workers and office-bearers, I was made an emblem of THEIR own victory. These elections, keenly observed all over Maharashtra, created an aura of fame around me. With selfless and unbiased efforts I earnestly shouldered the heavy responsibility of safeguarding our stronghold in Mazgaon. As a result Mazgaon-ites made me their MLA three times in succession. During the coalition government I got the opportunity to serve as the Minister of State for Home Affairs. In consideration of my work the state government rewarded me with the title of " Best Legislator ".

My political transformation
Change is the law of nature. Providence enacted a transformative law in my life too. Some members of our own party wished my defeat in my third elections from the Mazgaon constituency. To this end they tried all possible policies. A pathetic attempt to back-stab me by pitching a very wealthy opponent against me was also made. But I had the unflinching support of the entire populace, the blessings of my gods and the unselfish toil of least of our party workers and officers. We succeeded in defeating eminent leader Shri Chhagan Bhujbal's son Pankaj Bhujbal. That time in 2004 was really a golden opportunity to forcefully regain power in Maharashtra. The ruling party had proved totally incapable of holding the reigns.
Unfortunately, the jealousy and vindictive attitude of the members proved extremely detrimental to Shiv Sena. What had happened in Mazgaon had also happened in most other constituencies of Maharashtra. As a result, the party lost the power to rule. I appraised all my party seniors of the matter, but to no avail. The cannons striving for justice to Marathi had gone somewhat cold. In this criss-cross of chaos, politics in Maharashtra was going awry.
One of the young and dynamic personalities of the party Shri Rajsaheb Thackarey was fuming internally at this sorry state of affairs. Finally, he could take it no longer and so on 9th March 2006, heralded the formation of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena as a fullfledged political entity in Maharashtra.
Sharing similar feelings, my life too found a refreshing change. At that time I was the only MLA in office to accompany Shri Rajsaheb everywhere. Gathering the young, the old and women, we set out with renewed vigour to create a new history of Maharashtra.